August 24, 2008


Ask any college student and he or she will tell you one of the most important bare necessities of college life is your room-a place of your very own to crash, hibernate, DOTA your head off, find out about the college Romeo's latest girl, bitch about that nasty girl who turned up her nose at you, swear in secret and curse, I mean study your lessons =)

In my case though, it's more like Our room with the existence of sweet Wanna, which by the way is still lounging(or hopping?) with kangaroos in Melbourne.

Lets take a peek into our chamber of guilty delights, shall we?

Place: Room 408 of Women's Residence 1
Location: Muak Lek Campus of APIU (or the former Mission College)
Residents: C.H.Ning ( Malaysian Chinese) and Wanna S.C. (Thai Taiwanese)


1st view: Ning's side

Ning's corner is a place where food and books live in perfect
harmony, with the exception of various gadgets and widgets like
the all-too-important boiler and other bits and pieces.
Bedsheets were absent at the moment for
they're being packed for the wash.

The camwhorer and her shelves.

The colony of textbooks and dictionaries.

The multitude of daily bread.

Hammy, from Kitty for hammering on thy weary shoulders.

2nd view: Wanna's side

The forbidden land of Wanna's territory (until she's back).
Says Ning's vampire self which appears in holidays,
"How I rejoice in the existence of the curtain, which shields
my eyes from the horrible sunlight, and the fridge, which holds me
store of bloodbags, when the time comes for me to be a creature of night..."

The forest from our window and balcony.

Lotsa trees.

Yep, more trees.

So here's the place I'll be staying for the next 4 months =)
Wanna mentioned about redecorating the room when she's back. If this chamber ceases to look this way after she's back, with Wanna's permission I'll show you guys how it looks again.

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Jsen said...

ah ~ This reminds me of "Bear" necessities from The Jungle Book o_o

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