August 11, 2008


I don't know how it started, but seems like it's becoming our family's custom to eat steamboat before I left for Thailand. I remembered very well that the last time I came to this restaurant was last year's August, right before I left for my first semester in Asian Pacific International University, the former Mission College.

Maybe from now on my family will always have an annual steamboat dinner for me whenever I left for Thailand in August. It will definitely be the perfect final touch to my enlarge-thy-waistband-when-you-go-home project.

Anyway here are the pictures I promised:

The main character of all---MR. WOK.

My pretty and capable Mom behind the honourable MR WOK.

Here's my balding-yet-still-very-handome Dad.

The "You take, you take more pictures and I'll KILL you!" Bro.

The aircon-and-electric-wok-steamboat-people
of the restaurant.

MR WOK full of our food.

The survivors of the food plate which were
still being eaten in the end.

Here's the map of the restaurant where we ate.
It's the Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant in Sri Petaling.
Steamboat fanatics, it's definitely a MUST-GO .
(Boy I'm so hopelessly lame at making recommendations TT )

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