August 24, 2008


Ask any college student and he or she will tell you one of the most important bare necessities of college life is your room-a place of your very own to crash, hibernate, DOTA your head off, find out about the college Romeo's latest girl, bitch about that nasty girl who turned up her nose at you, swear in secret and curse, I mean study your lessons =)

In my case though, it's more like Our room with the existence of sweet Wanna, which by the way is still lounging(or hopping?) with kangaroos in Melbourne.

Lets take a peek into our chamber of guilty delights, shall we?

Place: Room 408 of Women's Residence 1
Location: Muak Lek Campus of APIU (or the former Mission College)
Residents: C.H.Ning ( Malaysian Chinese) and Wanna S.C. (Thai Taiwanese)


1st view: Ning's side

Ning's corner is a place where food and books live in perfect
harmony, with the exception of various gadgets and widgets like
the all-too-important boiler and other bits and pieces.
Bedsheets were absent at the moment for
they're being packed for the wash.

The camwhorer and her shelves.

The colony of textbooks and dictionaries.

The multitude of daily bread.

Hammy, from Kitty for hammering on thy weary shoulders.

2nd view: Wanna's side

The forbidden land of Wanna's territory (until she's back).
Says Ning's vampire self which appears in holidays,
"How I rejoice in the existence of the curtain, which shields
my eyes from the horrible sunlight, and the fridge, which holds me
store of bloodbags, when the time comes for me to be a creature of night..."

The forest from our window and balcony.

Lotsa trees.

Yep, more trees.

So here's the place I'll be staying for the next 4 months =)
Wanna mentioned about redecorating the room when she's back. If this chamber ceases to look this way after she's back, with Wanna's permission I'll show you guys how it looks again.

August 21, 2008


Now where was I?
Answer: The waiting room of Platform 16.
What was I doing?
Answer: Waiting for MH782 to bring me back to Thailand.

My trip back to MC, no Asian Pacific International University (APIU? sounds a little palia lol) this time on 18 August was on my own, and not by Air Asia. I'm taking MAS instead. These are the pictures I took out of boredom.

Waiting room of Platform 16, for the MH782 flight to Bangkok.

My passport, boarding pass and departure card.
10 minutes after I took this picture the last call came for us to board the plane.

If I'm not mistaken, this is a plane from Qatar Airways.

Camwhoring's always good for passing your time.

The plane landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport at 4.25pm. I went for Enning who landed 10 minutes earlier and Greg picked both of us up at the entrance. It's really nice to have him around since we both have a lot of luggage; mine weighed 21.5kg (the 13kg suitcase fell on my toe the night before and for the moment I thought my toe has became pulp) while Enning had brought her guitar along, though hers were only 13kg.

We hired a taxi and reached Victoria Monument at 6 something. On the way Greg told us that this was the 4th time he travelled on the highway. The 1st trip was to pick up Kitty, the 2nd to send her to Bangkok where she'd be staying for the night with her roomate Om, the 3rd trip for us and the 4th trip to send us back to Bangkok. LOL He haven't even get a bite for the whole day, so we let him to go for his meal and to look for his shoes while we went back to college (university?) ourselves.
We're thankful that there was a driver willing to make the 2 hours+ trip, as there were only 4 on the van for Muak Lek. I slept like a pig and woke up in a blur state wondering whether the driver had changed his mind and decided to drive home instead when he turned into a more familiar lane and we soon came across the MISSION COLLEGE signboard which had been taken down and replaced with the Princess' potrait (?!?!) by 8.45pm.
The real trouble starts there though for I have to lug my 13.5 kg suitcase up 4 floors to reach room 408! Lol I will definitely lose weight by climbing those beastly stairs everyday. The rest of the day(s) were spent in unpacking and reorganizing my room which had been empty for 3 weeks. I'll show you my room tomorrow.

August 13, 2008


Goodness! I almost forgot my list of thanks for yesterday and the day before. So here's a total of 10 things to be thankful for(skip this part if you're sick of hearing me say thanks):
  1. I'd done certifying my documents for registration!
  2. The clerks of SJK(C) Yoke Nam have agreed to help me out for my practical work
    certification which might come in handy in the next few years.With that it'll be easier
    for me to apply for scholarships, especially those offered by universities in The States.
  3. I managed to have a decent conversation with dear's parents at last!Both of them!
  4. Baby Hang's baby brother was born safely on 11 August 2008. We've been quite worried about him last week,as the doctors found that his umbilicial cord had somehow winded around his neck. But all's well ends well=)
  5. Yi Heng's a great help yesterday. He ran back and forth, retrieving all the things I just
    happened to leave behind without complaining!Keep this up, bro.
  6. Dear, thanks for giving me a good time in The Curve yesterday =)
  7. And dear? Thanks again for making a few extra rounds just to help me out.
  8. Yow Han handed me the first CD of Aunt's previous talk last night. He promised to
    give pass me the other 2 on Saturday. Thanks Pastor! You are a good friend.
  9. Greg, thanks for looking after my fish and cleaning its tank haha.
  10. The last goes to Mom and Dad, for being so tolerant and nice with me these 3 months. I love you both!
Done. Now I'm seriously considering moving these lists to somewhere else.

Btw, here's a very meaningful site of gratitude which I found, which is a community of grateful people.

On the other hand, if you just happen to not feel a mite thankful for anything and everything in your life happens to be all shitty and all sucks for the moment, you belong here

So you see, there is a place for eveything in this world. Have fun clicking around peeps =)

August 11, 2008


I don't know how it started, but seems like it's becoming our family's custom to eat steamboat before I left for Thailand. I remembered very well that the last time I came to this restaurant was last year's August, right before I left for my first semester in Asian Pacific International University, the former Mission College.

Maybe from now on my family will always have an annual steamboat dinner for me whenever I left for Thailand in August. It will definitely be the perfect final touch to my enlarge-thy-waistband-when-you-go-home project.

Anyway here are the pictures I promised:

The main character of all---MR. WOK.

My pretty and capable Mom behind the honourable MR WOK.

Here's my balding-yet-still-very-handome Dad.

The "You take, you take more pictures and I'll KILL you!" Bro.

The aircon-and-electric-wok-steamboat-people
of the restaurant.

MR WOK full of our food.

The survivors of the food plate which were
still being eaten in the end.

Here's the map of the restaurant where we ate.
It's the Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant in Sri Petaling.
Steamboat fanatics, it's definitely a MUST-GO .
(Boy I'm so hopelessly lame at making recommendations TT )


Went Times Square with Xi Bing and Yow Han today. Will post pics soon (I promise!)

5 things to be thankful for today:
  1. Xi Bing was so nice; she treated me both lunch and Yogurberry!
  2. Yogurberry's ice cream was soo nice!
  3. Chatted with Benson's girlfriend tonight. She's cute =)
  4. Finished the kids' test papers for Pathfinder's Dog Honour. Results? Not bad ;)
  5. I almost forgot: Yow Han was nice too; he's our driver. Thanks a lot, Pastor!
    You don't get this kind of pastors anywhere.
Feeling extremely sleepy now. Will write more tomorrow.

August 9, 2008


Went steamboat with my family today, will post pics later.

Now before I forget, 5 things to be thankful for last night:
  1. The opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics was awesome. Glad that I didn't miss it.
  2. It didn't hurt that much when I went to Grandma's house now..though the pain remains.
  3. Mom's Asam Lakse is....indescribable. I wish I could cook like that =(
  4. Baby Hang didn't come over last night, so it's a perfect day of rest for us =)
  5. Found lotsa nice custom hairstyles for my Sims 2. Told you I'm totally addicted to it XD
5 things to be thankful for today:
  1. I love having steamboat with my family.
  2. And of course I'm real thankful for my family!
  3. My new sport shoes will be perfect for the next cave trip.
  4. James and Wira really did help me out; I'll have nothing else to worry about my godbro's
    stay in MC now.
  5. MC is no longer Mission College! It's now Asian Pacific International University!
    I'm sure we students will get more courses to choose from now; I'm hoping to have
    a go at some courses dealing with abnormal psychology XD
Steamboat pics coming. Am Happy to see my blog counter's going up haha.

August 7, 2008


5 things to be thankful for today:
  1. I finished translating 1 set of Mrs. Leong's powerpoint slides!
  2. Mom's sushi was heavenly.
  3. The trip to market with Mom.
  4. The ever-so-refreshing rain.
  5. My hair's getting more and more manageable these days.
By the way, this list writing thingy has somehow resurrected my blog too XD







August 6, 2008


Watched The Mummy 3 with dear today. It's been some time since we went to the movies together; I didn't realise until then how much I missed going to the movies with him.

Will be going back to Thailand on August 18 but am trying not to think so much about it now.

Here's my list today:
  1. Mom's real nice; she didn't mention anything though I can't get the things she need
    and didn't help her out this afternoon.
  2. Bro.'s being obedient today; he completed the exercises I gave him though
    he grumbles a little.
  3. Dad's sweet too; he called back from office just to tell me that my adapter's being sucky.
  4. Connection's pretty good tonight.
  5. I've got More chocolate!

By the way,

Happy Birthday Cucumber!

I'm starting to like writing out this list of thanks. Aunt promised that my life will be different after I do this for 2 weeks!

I did Google what she said though, and I found an article in Reader's Digest to support her claim.

This article is entitled 'The New Science of Being Thankful' and here's something interesting on a study carried out by Robert Emmons, PhD, a psychology professor at the University of California and Michael McCullough, another psyc prof of the University of Miami. The two professors took three groups of volunteers and assign all three of them to focus on different areas: things that irritate them, things that leave them feel thankful and also things which are just everyday life stuff. Here's what they found:

The results: The people who focused on gratitude were just flat-out happier. They saw their lives in favorable terms. They reported fewer negative physical symptoms such as headaches or colds, and they were active in ways that were good for them. They spent almost an hour and a half more per week exercising than those who focused on hassles. Plain and simple, those who were grateful had a higher quality of life.

Here's another part of the article which lists out the benefits of being grateful:

Felt better about their lives.
Were more optimistic.
Were more energetic.
Were more enthusiastic.
Were more determined.
Were more interested.
Were more joyful.
Exercised more.
Had fewer illnesses.
Got more sleep.
Were more likely to have helped someone else.

You can find the rest of the article here:

Well I don't know about you, but I'm sure that I'm trying this on myself now. So far I really don't see any harm in trying this out, so guys, do consider doing what I'm doing now =)

August 5, 2008


Today's list of 5 things to be thankful for:
  1. I've learnt to catch the number 20 bus at Kota Raya from Woon Cheng.
  2. I've met Mrs. Lim, Miss Yao and Mrs. Liew-all my ex-primary school teachers-at
    long last.
  3. Baby Hang is very very manageable today.
  4. Mom had not yell much at me for being so late last night.
  5. Dad is so sweet-he bought me a new cellphone tonight.
That's all for today. Might be going to MV tomorrow.

August 4, 2008

Another Return

Aunt Grace said that if one is able to write down 5 things to be thankful for everyday, there will be a difference in his or her life after 2 weeks. So I'm trying this out now =)

5 things to be thankful for today:
  1. I woke up today. ( some people just happened to die in their sleep, you know)
  2. I have found a little peace and quiet of my own at long last this morning.
  3. Last night taught me a very good lesson, reminding me of how much more I have to learn.
  4. My sore throat is gone.
  5. My swollen eyes (caused by dust irritation for the past week) is history.
There. Here's my list for today, written at 6.28am.
Will be writing more soon.

p/s I miss you.
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